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Fantom Corporation Positions

We have a number of open technical positions in the areas below. Fantom Corp is always looking for professional, motivated team players to join us. If you would like to submit your resume see the form below.

Position types offered by Fathom Corporation.

Serve as lead technical resource, in support to the customer, assisting in the strategic oversight and planning of customer IT enterprise. Delivering high quality, secure and cost-effective enterprise IT services that align to Community strategic goals. Oversee the development and management of the customer IT architecture. The candidate should be open to working on a variety of multi-disciplinary activities which involve assessing viability of new technologies, to define an enterprise IT strategy, developing system requirements, system ;designs, supporting system integration and implementation, and generating periodic program reports focused on technical and schedule status. Candidate will provide extensive technical, strategic advice and guidance of the highest level to senior managers and technical resources in the creation and implementation of new IT strategies.

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Technical field.

Programmer to be part of a development team using JAVA, JavaScript, AWS and UNIX. The team works in a collaborative and agile environment, following Scrum\Kanban methodologies. This is an environment which provides a lot of flexibility as it is a matrixed team of developers working to sunset multiple production applications while building a new single application with a significant scope. The teams are forming into a high-energy, high-performing mix of developers who frequently share thoughts and skills. Developers frequently use pairs programming and maintain a reputation of being forward thinking.

Java, JavaScript, XML, CSS, -Shell Script, AJAX, Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Technical field."},

Seeking a candidate to provide system integration and project management support. Candidate is required to have excellent communication skills and the ability to clearly write technical documents. Experience in the complete engineering project development lifecycle from inception to deployment. Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks simultaneously. Experience with software development projects. Training and experience with Agile Development methodologies and leading in a SCRUM environment. Self-motivated, team-oriented and able to communicate technical guidance to technical and non-technical team members. Working knowledge of Project Manager software and Microsoft tools. Knowledge and familiarity with Microsoft tools. Ability to create project management schedules. A solid understanding of the Customer Certification and Accreditation process and PMP is preferred.

PMP certification preferred, Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Technical field.

Analyze and study complex system requirements. Design software tools and subsystems to support software reuse and domain analyses and manage their implementation. Translates detailed design into computer software. Experience integrating COTS products using Java. Test, debug and refine the computer software to produce the required product. Prepare required documentation, including both program-level and user-level documentation. Enhance software to reduce operating time or improve efficiency. ITIL knowledge.

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Engineering

Identify, analyze, define, and coordinate user, customer and stakeholder needs and translates them into technical requirements. Assist business units in expressing their needs in terms that can be used to generate valid requirements. Help business units identify technology solutions with the potential to improve business processes. Work with stakeholders as well as technical and analytical counterparts to define constraints, and develop requirements and concept of operations documentation. Work with stakeholders to identify best-fit technical solutions for business unit needs. Identify technical risks and develop mitigation strategies. Provide assistance to project or program teams. Provide conceptual design, prototype, and test cycles appropriate to a chosen technical solution. Identify and manage dependencies with other systems and elements of the IT infrastructure. Evaluate industry offering to identify products and technologies with the potential to support the design.

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Engineering.

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall management of the specific project (s) and insuring that the technical solutions and schedules are implemented in a timely manner. The PM is responsible for cost schedules, documentation preparation and customer interaction; Performs organizational wide integration planning and interfaces to other functional systems; ensures that the project team members are fully utilized or are made available to support other projects. Must be able to build detailed project cost estimates, schedules and work breakdown structures (WBS). Success delivering projects using the Project Managment Framework.

Experience with Project Management tools sucn as MS Project and\\/or Primavera Project manager.

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall management of the specific project (s) and insuring that the Provide database programming support and troubleshooting to multiple IT projects. Review process design and stored procedures. Implement database upgrades, backups and restores. Work with programmers to tune SQL code. Provide both support to customer systems inside limited maintenance windows which may include weekends. Configure, optimize, and support Oracle or other relational databases. Develop and maintain web interfaces to database information to permit the viewing and modification of database contents from browser-based clients. Design, develop and implement complex database systems, programs and applications. Work with users to identify and develop system requirements taking into account desired results, hardware limitations and operating requirements.

Experience with Oracle. Bachelors Degree in Computer Science , Engineering or Technical field.

Responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of enterprise-wide cyber systems and networks. The candidate must have knowledge of Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems. Supports cyber security initiatives through both predictive and reactive analysis, articulating emerging trends to leadership and staff. Coordinates resources during enterprise incident response efforts, driving incidents to timely and complete resolution. Employs advanced forensic tools and techniques for attack reconstruction, including dead system analysis and volatile data collection and analysis. Supports internal HR/Legal/Ethics investigations as forensic subject matter expert. Performs network traffic analysis utilizing raw packet data, net flow, IDS, and custom sensor output as it pertains to the cyber security of communications networks. Reviews threat data from various sources and develops custom signatures for Open Source IDS or other custom detection capabilities. Correlates actionable security events from various sources including Security Information Management System (SIMS) data and develops& unique correlation techniques. Utilizes understanding of attack signatures, tactics, techniques and procedures associated with advanced threats. Develops analytical products fusing enterprise and all-source intelligence. May conduct malware analysis of attacker tools providing indicators for enterprise defensive measures, and reverse engineer attacker encoding protocols. Interfaces with external entities including law enforcement organizations and other government agencies such as the Department of Defense

CISSP Certification preferred, Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Technical field.