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Fantom Corporation offers the traditional benefits, such as medical and dental insurance, but other unique benefits as well. Fantom Corporation provides its employees with a comprehensive set of health care, career growth, and retirement benefits, which we consider superior to those offered by other companies in the industry.

Employee Benefits

The employee will be eligible to start contributing into the plan at the start of the month after the first month with Fantom Corporation (FCO)
FCO will provide employee with a company match of 4% of salary
FCO will match the first 3% of salary dollar for dollar and then the next 2% at 50 cents on the dollar.
Based on the performance of the company at the end of the year, a discretionary profit sharing contribution will be provided and offered as a bonus. The goal is for FCO and employee to work together to grow and to maximize profitability. Eligibility for the profit sharing contribution will be after one year of service with FCO.
End-of-year Bonus (Determined by Customer Satisfaction, Employee performance, and FCO revenue)
PPO Medical Insurance plan FCO pays 100% for employees and 100% for dependents). Standard Vision and Dental plans are included.
Employees may elect life insurance up to three times compensation not to exceed $200,000.
STD covers employees at 60% of compensation for up to 13 weeks (not to exceed $1,500 per week).
LTD pays after STD exhaust. LTD covers employees at 60% of compensation not to exceed $10,000 per month.
(6-week vacation) Employees are encouraged to use vacation leave to rest and reenergize.
Generous education reimbursement program
Seminar/conferences, as appropriate
Membership dues, as appropriate
Computer allowance, as appropriate.